How it started?

Five years back few like-minded eco-centric people of Belgaum initiated an unique concept to restore an abandoned stone quarry in the vicinity of Belgaum city. Extensive extraction of the stone from the area and blasting had irreversibly damaged the ecological processes on site. During the initial stage, site had negligible soil cover, no layer of humus, less than 2% area under vegetation cover, destroyed water flows and destroyed habitat.

Materials used for development

Entire infrastructure on site is built by using 100% recycled local materials like old used wood, scrap material from fabrication industry, waste brunt sand from the Foundry workshops in the region. Not even a single cubic foot of new wood is bought for the purpose. Wood and stone utilized here are recovered from old buildings in Belgaum. Pathways are created using waste pieces of Granite and local khanapur stone from the earth stores. in the region. 50 % of the built up area is actually the recovered – renovated – modified preexisting stone crusher infrastructure abandoned from last 20 years.

What we got from salvaged waste?

The site has a complete infrastructure of 8 eco cottages, a swimming pool, cafeteria, shack style dining area, natural pond, yoga & meditation area, restaurant and grass plains.